A while back my step daughter ( 14 ) , myself, and a good friend ( also a step mama) had a pretty deep conversation on bullying and shaming. My step daughter was surprised not only to realize it’s not just her generation ( yes we had bullies and mean girls too in the stone ages!), but that we still experience this as adults.

To be honest, seeing political posts and such on social media platforms these days, I can’t help but wonder if females aren’t worse as they get older? This is even happening in female relationships I see that are in their 60’s and 70’s. No Joke!!

I see blogs and posts all over the place about pushing mom entrepreneurs, empowering those young ( and aging ) ladies that have made a name for themselves despite their families or lack there of…. but what about us that are in between those groups? What about those with step kids, bio kids, and careers? What about those step mama’s in the role of a mom and at work you have to are continually nominated for the early mornings and late nights ” because you don’t have kids” ?!?!?

Despite the “label” we all get, hats off to all of y’all! Building a business is hard work! HARD WORK! Long days that go into tiring nights. Falling asleep before the kids do and you don’t get back up to finish the business life before the day starts again.

I am starting “Building Business Monday” . This will be an opportunity for you to email me (@thestrongstrugglingstepmom@gmail.com) your business, a link to the page, a bio on yourself as a step mama, entrepreneur, wife, whatever you want you ( if you have a website you are even welcome to provide a promo code for anyone visiting your site from my page to use ). Every Monday I will feature a blog with one of you sweet ladies and push your business for you on my blog and social media.

There’s no criteria to qualify. You don’t have to share this link or tag your friends. This is an honest to goodness whole hearted act of kindness to all of you ladies rocking it in step mama land. Blog post and tagged on my “thestrongstrugglingstepmom” instagram page.

Hope to hear from y’all soon and feature you and your business of step mom entrepreneuring!




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