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I have received many emails lately on when the next blog would be posted. I made my first post several months back, still trying to decide how this blog would go. Would it be actual real life of posting the raw day to day? Would I use our names and make it like many bloggers are doing? What about my husband and his feelings on our personal life being placed out on the internet for everyone to read? What about my step daughters  – what if they someday stumble across this blog? How could/could/may they react?  Should I just be blogging on topics and situations as they come up? Or should it be reality with exact situations we are currently living through ( and REALLY need to talk out )?

Of course, there is no perfect answer! As a step mom ( and a wife, a person, and someone who is in the middle of it all, everyday!), these are important questions — and the answer is, this blog should be what I need it to be. What readers need it to be. And the rest as with everything else in life will follow suit. Right? I think that a lot of women can relate to that!

So, with that said ( and a lot of wine and long conversations with my husband), this girl is ready to put it all out there!

Many of us are in the panic mode of Christmas – two shopping days left if you aren’t already done ( for once this girl was ready three shopping days before Christmas)!!!

I myself am looking forward to the weekend — to Christmas. And this isn’t always how it’s been. My step daughters live out of state.  My husband has not had them for Christmas in 7 years now.  Of those seven years he has had them the week after Christmas twice ( once since we have been together/married).  So the toll and stress of this rolls over full circle.   It’s a very hard time of year for a lot of us ( and those we love )….  so, it will be easy to guess the next blog that is going to be posted in the next few days.

Until then, breath! Pick your battles, soak up the best you can from every situation, pop open your favorite bottle of wine — and make the most out of every second you can. It’s hard. It’s rough, but looking back in a few years will any of the drama and headache even be remembered? No! But the small things now you are overlooking by stressing out will and those are things you want to spend your time on.

There will be a blog up before Christmas, but for those that may not be on here before then — Merry Christmas!!


Strong Struggling Step Mom

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