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This blog is my personal journal story.  My thoughts.  MY aspiration.  MY frustration. MY accomplishments.  MY failures.  MY goals.  MY outlet. MY phone a friend. MY stories. MY tears. MY smiles.  MY laughs.  MY victories.  MY do-overs.   MY end of the day, glass of wine, tell you my thoughts.  MY personal path and outlet to help YOU!  MY journey — ME.

Three things I struggle with the most as a step mom are: understanding, constant negativity, and finding genuine support. Sure, any of my friends can listen.  A shoulder to cry on.  To tell me what I need to hear. But how  many of us really feel heard, understood, or supported by the friends on their first marriage?  The bestie that has never been in a blended family?  And if we are going to be honest-  how many of our  bestest girls have absolutely no idea what they are even saying to us most of the time??? My BFF’s ( yes — all of them!) are amazing gals.  Truly, the best friends I could ever have and dearly cherish more than you know. On the hard days tho,  I often it can be more discouraging than uplifting.

You will find this blog is a place where hard topics can be posted and discussed without the negativity.  Without bashing.  Without shaming. Instead, a place where understanding and support we all seek and struggle find around us.

One of the hardest things of being a step mom I personally have struggled with, is the outlet for the stress. The hard days. The tears.  The frustrations, and well, I think there isn’t a single one of us that wouldn’t even admit – sometimes the hardest thing is the huge accomplishments! It’s the tears we hold back because of a hurdle, or milestone, or maybe the simple minute we get where for once our life feels right. It all fits.  It’s not chaotic.  And it’s not messy.  Because we all know, that second, minute, hour, or even day — is likely short lived. Before reality hits and our perfect bubble bursts and we go back to every day life of the hustle and bustle and the daily grind.

Here’s to being positive. Uplifting. Supportive.  The smile YOU need.  The laugh to brighten YOUR day.  The pat on the back to keep YOU going.  The sense that someone else is walking a similar path and though no walk is the same down this rugged road, YOU aren’t alone. Here’s to realizing that there are step moms that can relate.  Positivity can be found on the grayest day, some days we just need a little extra boost!

If you’re still with me – Thank you! I am new to the blogging scene and what initially started out as an idea of closest journaling and self care has recently become a goal of helping others and being a positive outlet for the step mom community. The name of  this blog alone could lead to endless possibilities of topics, ideas, and novels …. but I want to hear your ideas and suggestions too! Something going on in your life and you need an outside perspective?  Sensitive topic you are shy to bring up in front of friends? Unsure of your thoughts and feelings on controversial topics with your spouse or bio parent? Let’s hear it!  You can reach out to me directly at thestrongstrugglingstepmom@gmail.com

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Strong Struggling Step Mom

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