These Business Building Monday’s are not just about sharing a brand, a business, or a name … It’s about sharing a tool, asset, or friendship crucial to every step mom’s needs. I take the time to visit each site, product, blog, and offerings that each BBM name offers. Each of these that I share, will be an asset to anyone’s path or story.

TheBonusMommy is near and dear to my heart as she took me under her wings early on in my journey. I never could have imagined the path I would be embarking down nor the indescribable friendship I would make along the way. My biggest supporter has been this girl, 100%. Every. Single. Day.

Desiree’s knowledge and self growth will bring you joy, faith, hope, and understanding. Her story is a crucial piece to her success and her ability to share with others that have walked the same or even similar paths is immeasurable. She walks with grace and kindness, wearing her heart on her sleeve. Not only can Desiree share with you her bonus mommy successes, she can also openly share with you her bonus mommy fails.

TheBonusMommy offers a blog, resources that can be shared ( as well as resources that can be purchased), coaching, apparel, jewelry, home goods, zen, and so much more. I have personally purchased from her store ( apparel and jewelry) with a long wish list of items to purchase in the future. Amazing product. Great prices. Worlds easiest website! Check this girl out!

Desiree Stewart, TheBonusMommy’s Bio:


My name is Desiree, Founder and CEO of, a company I started to support and provide tools and resources to other stepmoms. Specifically, stepmoms with stepchildren with absent mothers.

As a stepmom myself I know how lonely that role can be. You often feel like you have no role or place in your family dynamics. Here is this kid you love and cherish and treat like your own, yet you’re not their biological mom. If you’re in a similar situation like mine, your step child’s mom is absent or not in a position to parent their own child. You’ve been called to fill that roll.

Being a stepmom is a challenging job to say the least. Here at we are here to support and guide other stepmoms through their journey gracefully. No stepmom should have to walk this journey alone. We offer products and services that give you the tools you need to succeed this includes but isn’t limited to one on one coaching, books/guides, stepmom apparel and accessories.

As women we go and go or feel like we are alone In our struggles but you’re not alone. I’m simply a woman that has turned her pain and struggling into purpose and am sharing my story and resources to help other women. Women, we are powerful beings and it’s our responsibility to share our talents and gifts with the world.

Thank you The Strong Struggling Stepmom for inviting me to be a part of your mission! To show your readers my gratitude use code strugglingstepmom at checkout for FREE shipping on all orders over $40.

Sending you all love…..

Desiree, TheBonusMommmy

Feel free to contact me directly @

Strong Struggling Step Mom

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