Introduction – Take 2

Good morning!

I have received many emails lately on when the next blog would be posted. I made my first post several months back, still trying to decide how this blog would go. Would it be actual real life of posting the raw day to day? Would I use our names and make it like many bloggers are doing? What about my husband and his feelings on our personal life being placed out on the internet for everyone to read? What about my step daughters  – what if they someday stumble across this blog? How could/could/may they react?  Should I just be blogging on topics and situations as they come up? Or should it be reality with exact situations we are currently living through ( and REALLY need to talk out )? Keep Reading -->


Welcome to TheStrongStrugglingStepMom.

This blog is my personal journal story.  My thoughts.  MY aspiration.  MY frustration. MY accomplishments.  MY failures.  MY goals.  MY outlet. MY phone a friend. MY stories. MY tears. MY smiles.  MY laughs.  MY victories.  MY do-overs.   MY end of the day, glass of wine, tell you my thoughts.  MY personal path and outlet to help YOU!  MY journey — ME.

Three things I struggle with the most as a step mom are: understanding, constant negativity, and finding genuine support. Sure, any of my friends can listen.  A shoulder to cry on.  To tell me what I need to hear. But how  many of us really feel heard, understood, or supported by the friends on their first marriage?  The bestie that has never been in a blended family?  And if we are going to be honest-  how many of our  bestest girls have absolutely no idea what they are even saying to us most of the time??? My BFF’s ( yes — all of them!) are amazing gals.  Truly, the best friends I could ever have and dearly cherish more than you know. On the hard days tho,  I often it can be more discouraging than uplifting. Keep Reading -->