As 2017 came to a close and 2018 presented a clean slate ….. so much weighing on my mind. Of course, “resolutions” is topic of choice it seems on social media and in several conversations with friends over the past few weeks rolling into the New Year…..

Going into our third calendar year of court, attorneys, and quite honestly chaos – trying to think of the best resolution that I wouldn’t be overwhelming myself with or immediately fail at began to overtake my thoughts.

75% of my life is others. Is circumstance. Is challenge. Is defeat ( we are being honest here right?!?!). Over 1/3 if my life is three other people that though I care for and love- I can’t always balance, make decisions on, and quite honestly keep the boat sailing smoothly yes still rolls into and over into the things I can’t. Causing anxiety, stress, and well quite honestly me being less than the wife I like being ( my indirect way of saying bitchy). For me, this is incredibly challenging. I operate on organization, pre planning, and simplicity ( the complete opposite of step mom life – yes !!!).

The chaos is hands down the hardest me. So, this is where I begin. Operation organization is in full swing and Drill Srg Wife is on the job delegating orders. I assume this is the appropriate place to insert the request for prayers for my husband.

January 1st my entire downstairs became ( and has stayed) a museum- literally. Room by room I have gone through everything-decluttered, organized, and purged. Easy peasy you say? It’s the second weekend in January – how hard has that been?!?! When you work from home, yet live life on the go, traveling for work as needed, having a husband and a puppy every day torpedoing through on their way in and out – this doesn’t take long to over take every flat bare open surface and quickly become overwhelming.

The husband and puppy are on point- this has been a change for all of us and we’ve adjusted well. Every single night before I turn off the lights and cede the day the counters are shining, the dishwasher is running ( even if there’s only three dishes), anything that was bravely left on the table, couch, or any other non allowable place has been returned to its home, and the living room is also on point. As I start toward the stairs and look back, it’s the most incredible feeling.

This crazy simple change has made me a happier person, wife, and step mom. I wake up knowing as the Keurig is doing its magic each morning that I’m relaxed and ready to take on the day. At night, it’s mellow chatting it up with a girlfriend, rewinding the day to my husband, or peacefully sipping wine in a calm quiet sleeping house. It’s even reduced the budget by having the house cleaning lady come less ( that’s a whole other blog topic!).

If you struggle with sanity and organization running ramped I encourage you to give this a try. As I sit here typing this blog, I’m reminded how much easier it makes my life and that I can enjoy downtime for myself and do the things I always felt guilty for doing as simple as me time.

Until next time ……


Strong Struggling Step Mom

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